I. Introduction
II. Using nothing at all
III. Skincare is still beauty
IV. Final Thoughts

I. Introduction
Having clear, bright, healthy skin is the goal of every beauty and skincare lover. And a few years ago, that became clear with the “no makeup makeup look” that took over the internet. The idea that clear, bright, apparently makeup free skin became the goal of every beauty user.

But achieving that look is often no small feat. When faced with trying to achieve healthy clear skin, many are under the impression that if they remove all products and resort to simply washing their face with soap and water that clear skin will happen overnight, and this simply isn’t true; though taking a break from clogging prone products and harsh skin care products can be healthy for skin, it is important to remember that beauty isn’t just makeup, it encompasses skincare as well.

II. Using nothing at all
When I first started having horrible “adult acne” outbreaks, I decided to stop using makeup all together and used a generic cleanser – nothing else – in the hopes that my skin would clear up. That – however – didn’t happen. Though removing makeup did remove some of the causes of my clogged pores, simply using soap and water was doing nothing to completely clean my pores and treat the breakouts I had at the time.

Many people fear using many skin care products because they may be too harsh and could lead to worse skin condition overall. Now I am not saying that the solution is to run out and using a fifteen step skin care regime everyday as that is overkill, it is important to know what products are good and will aid makeup application and extend overall makeup wear time.

III. Skincare is still Beauty
Dealing with congested skin is tough, and trying to find products in makeup and skincare lines that are just abrasive enough to remove the bad but keep the good can be difficult. However, the minute you begin to discuss building a skincare routine, many people jump on a brand’s wagon – purchasing 10-15 products – and cleanse their skin raw, not allowing their skin to heal and rejuvenate on its own. Going from using makeup and products that clog the skin on a daily basis to using products that abrasively and gently attempt to clear and cleanse pores is like going from one bad outcome to a different bad outcome. Using multiples of products like this can not only deplete the natural healthy oils in the skin, but it can dry out your skin causing more redness and texture you hadn’t experienced in the past.

So, what do you do? It is actually fairly simple. When you are cleansing your face, find a cleanser that is made specifically for acne prone skin – or whatever your major skin concern is – and a moisturizer with the a similar ingredient list (Glycolic Acid is one of the best ingredients). The only other product you should add to your routine when you are first starting your skincare journey is a gentle exfoliator – something with charcoal is always a safe bet – that you use only once or twice a week. This will clear your skin without overly drying your skin.

Remember, when you are wanting a natural, glowing look in makeup, less steps are better. The same goes for skincare routines. Less is more, and oftentimes healthier for your skin in the longterm.

Final Thoughts
Dealing with skin issues is nothing short of frustrating, especially in the world we live in today. Having skin issues, but not having any products or devices that provide instantaneous better looking skin can be debilitating in more ways than one. As you embark on your clear skin journey, remember that the best thing to do is to keep your routine simple, your tools and makeup clean and sanitized, and to incorporate skin care treatments that – while they are harsh enough to remove the bad elements on your skin, are gentle enough to maintain the good elements.

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