When you have skin that is prone to dryness, flaking and blotchiness, keeping it plump and hydrated can be a year-round struggle. And when temperatures begin to drop and icy gusts start to blow, your battle with dry skin can quickly turn into a chilling nightmare. While serums and moisturizers do a good job of keeping “winter face” at bay, read more

Image today is a special day, maybe it is the day of your big meeting, an engagement photo shoot or the day of your granddaughter’s first birthdayand all of your middle school fears reignite the moment you looked into the mirror and you see three or four tiny raised bumps read more

If you have any kind of trouble with your skin, the process of a good skincare routine and finding the right (priced) skincare products is a real feat. Just wading through all the peels, exfoliants, masks, moisturizers, and acids on the market is enough to make a girl throw read more

As temperatures drop and the wind picks up during fall and winter in most places, your skin’s needs change — what kept your complexion clear and glowing in the July sun might not yield the same results when November brings the stinging, frigid wind. read more

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