With the returning popularity of increased facial hair among men across the country, bearded men’s skincare is just as important as ‘babyface skincare’. In fact, some men would say it is more important for men with facial hair to adopt a proper skincare and facial hair grooming and hydrating routine as men with any type of facial hair are naturally more susceptible to skin issues. Factors such as the overuse or misuse of beard products, improper shaving techniques and lack of moisturizers are just culprits of men’s skin care issues. If you have any amount of facial hair ranging from low stubble and 5 o’clock shadows to mountainous beards of like the men of olden days, then you should consider how the relationship of your products and routine affects your skin as the two grooming concerns go hand-in-hand.

Like certain demographics, there are a handful of societal and generational things to consider when talking about Men’s Skincare. Class, occupation and even access to modern and consistent healthcare can affect your skin. Take a look at some of the demographics of US men’s skincare.  Fellas, which category do you fall into?

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