From weddings, reunions, and family events to your upcoming summer vacation, we know you have places to go and people to impress. You came to the right place to prep! We have all the inside tips to keep you looking camera-ready and filter-free. Whether you suffer from acne, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, or seasonal skin issues, a few simple beauty hacks and well-scheduled treatments can give you a red-carpet glow, with everyone asking what your secret is…(hint, it’s us!)

Invest in Prep

Having time to prep your skin is the biggest beauty hack of them all! Yes, we will offer you some great short-term fixes and tips, but if you can take the time to prepare your skin to sparkle, you will see the biggest difference. Acne scars and discoloration can be covered, but they can also be miraculously stripped away with careful planning. Schedule a consult and discuss a plan with one of our specialists, because all the rest of our tips will shine even more on well-tended skin. And while scheduling once-a-month facials are touted by celebrities from Kate Hudson to Kim Kardashian, if you need some quicker fixes, don’t worry, we’ve lined up some low-key ways to lay the foundation for your…well…foundation.

Hydrate and Moisturize!

Anyone who works in skincare will tell you that water is beauty’s best friend. And though getting your H2O is advised by everyone from Refinery29 to your mom, there are some supplemental products that will help you really get that refreshing effect. A great moisturizer leading up to your big day, as well as a refreshing and toning spray the day of will create a dynamite combination of deweyness and glow. If you have acne prone skin, we suggest an oil-free moisturizer, and we love this one for drier skin types. The thing we love about a refreshing spray toner is that a simple one, like this essential rose water spray, is amazing for all skin types, tones, and textures. Throw a sample bottle in your clutch for a refreshing pick-me-up. It can help mattify you in sticky sweaty climates, or add much needed hydration in cold or dry locations.

Jade Rolling

If we’d take skin advice from anyone, it would be Alicia Keys. She seems to age backwards, and her no-makeup fierceness leaves us all wondering what her secret is. According to W Magazine, and her celebrity beauty artist, that secret is jade rolling! Similar to the good-old-fashioned cucumber-on- the-eyes trick, using a cold jade roller to stimulate your facial muscles and tighten the skin can make a noticeable difference in puffiness and fine lines the day of an event, or show amazing progress when practiced over time. This celebrity secret is suitable for all skin types; and it is the perfect way to brighten the complexion for all your impending selfies. We recommend this one for a steal or this one for a splurge, just make sure you pop them in the refrigerator for at least twenty minutes prior to using to get the desired effect! Then gently roll the device in an upward motion, moving away from your T-zone and watch the magic happen!

Acne Attackers!

Nothing kills the excitement of a big event like an untimely pimple. And while we offer great acne-fighting facials and laser treatments, if you have a last minute flair up-don’t fret! Here’s how to bust the blemish right off your face (hint: DON’T pop it)! While you may have heard that toothpaste can dry out a zit fast; we are here to bust that myth! The key ingredient in toothpaste that helps it to dry out acne is another very cheap household product that you probably already have: baking soda. While the additives in toothpaste (menthol, fluoride etc.) can actually irritate
a zit and cause it to flake, a little baking soda mixed with water on the blemish can give you the same drying effect, with no irritation. Put it on overnight to help clear up that blemish.

Another kitchen supply that doubles as a secret acne attacker is apple cider vinegar! Our girl crush Scarlett Johansson dilutes it with equal parts water and uses it as a toner for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. The next time you feel a zit coming on before a big day, head to your pantry! You don’t need to stress- and in fact, don’t! It will produce cortisol which is the hormone that actually creates acne in the first place. Just make sure you keep these superpower pantry staples for your acne woes.

Disguise Dark Circles

Can’t catch a good night’s sleep before your big day? We feel you! Excitement, stress, and all of life’s little hiccups (not to mention genetics) can create those super unphotogenic dark circles under the eyes, but there are a few “day-of” tips that will make it so that the only bag anyone notices is the awesome purse you got to go with your outfit. Allure magazine recommends taking an antihistamine (like Claritin or Allegra) as it will reduce the signature puffiness that accompanies dark circles. Our secret is another pantry staple. We are big fans of placing some cold caffeinated tea bags on your closed eyes to give them what a shot of espresso does for the rest of your body. Not only will it feel great, but the caffeine will reduce inflammation while making you look more awake and refreshed. It will also make your concealer have a lot less to hide!

Climate Control

Prepping your skin for a big trip or vacation? Make sure you are mindful of the climate of where you are going. A heavy moisturizer is not going to be your friend on that trip to Mexico. And if your event is in a climate that your skin isn’t used to, its best to do your research beforehand. Cold or dry climates can cause flaking, while greasy sweat shine is the last thing you want on your beach pictures. Even as a ski bunny, high altitudes may leave you covered up, but you’ll still want to make sure you wear tons of sunscreen on your face. We recommend checking the
weather report and planning accordingly. A hot and sweaty climate? Throw some oil-blotting sheets in your makeup bag. Prepping for the slopes? An overnight moisture mask will save you from any cold and cracking. And no matter where you go, we love this sunscreen for all skin types and all climates.

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