We all know how important exercise is to our health ever since P.E. class back in elementary school. Well you probably didn’t know that that meant skin health too.

Dr. Helen Flamenbaum, one of the lead dermatologists at the prestigious Schweiger Dermatology group in NYC states, “Exercise is good for every organ in the body. Since the skin is the largest organ, it goes without saying that the skin benefits as well.”
Need I say more? ….Ok, I will!

Consistent exercise not only keeps you feeling youthful, but looking youthful. It increases blood circulation throughout the body, as well as detoxify and cleanse toxins from your cells.

No research studies have officially linked exercise to skin health; however, one study conducted on mice concluded that exercise may reduce chemical functions associated with aging.

Here are some exercises to break a quick sweat: (Note: Try to perform only one of these exercise routines for 20-30 minutes per workout)
• Burpees
• Jump Rope
• Kettlebell Swings
• Rock climbing (or using Stair climber machine)
• Kickboxer
• Boot Camp class
• Spin Class

From a Master Facialist’s point of view, exercising the face is not a bad idea but it has to be done in the right areas and in the right way. For example, I would NOT do repetitive exercises focused in the area where the two lines that show up on your forehead from furrowing your brow or crows feet from narrowing your eyes. Regularly giving your facial muscles in these areas a “workout” will only speed up the process, increasing the chances you’ll get wrinkles sooner. Facial massages are my recommended alternatives with methods from all over the world that improves appearance and textures of the skin. Reach out for an appointment for more information on facial massages to keep your face in its best condition.

Here are some cardinal skin sins that you want to avoid while exercising:
• Don’t exercise while wearing makeup (But who does that??? Then again, we are in the age of Instagram so never mind)
• Over excessive running or jogging (thins the skin)
• Don’t use workout equipment at the gym without wiping them down with cleaning solution
• Don’t wipe your sweat with your hands, use a towel . A germy hand can cause acne or worse…a skin infection! Always shower immediately after working out to rid the skin of sweat. If you don’t, sweat reabsorbs in the skin, causing a slew of skin issues long-term.
• Wear sunscreen when exercising outside. ALWAYS! Yes even on a gray cloudy day you still need sunscreen. Just because the sun is not “out” 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays can pass through clouds. This is the reason people often end up with serious sunburns on overcast days if they’ve spent time outside with no sun protection

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