Laser Hair Removal

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LASER HAIR REMOVAL is a cosmetic procedure which permanently removes unwanted facial and body hair. It’s incredibly safe and treatment only causes mild to moderate discomfort. The laser selectively targets the hair follicle without causing any damage to the surrounding skin. Laser hair removal affects the hair that’s in the active stage of its growth cycle, which is why multiple sessions are required for optimal results.

Laser treatment destroys active follicles. Over the course of multiple sessions, you will see hair become progressively lighter and finer as the laser gradually destroys the follicle. You can expect to see 75% to 95% reduction in hair growth over the course of your treatment.

For most clients, a minimum of six treatments to start is recommended. How many treatments you need depends on which area you are having treated, how completely you want to remove the hair, your hair color, hair amount, your genetic background and how strictly you follow the treatment schedule recommended by your technician. For those with hormonal imbalances, you will most likely need additional sessions to achieve ideal results. Appointments are spaced four to five weeks apart, depending on the area to be treated. You’ll see dramatic results even after just having your first treatment.

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Arms Full, Arms Lower, Arms Upper, Back Full, Back Lower, Back Upper, Beard Full, Bikini Full, Bikini Line, Brazilian, Breasts (Areola), Buttocks, Butt Line, Cheeks, Chest, Chin, Ears, Face Full, Forehead, Feet, Fingers, Jawline, Inner Thighs, Hands, Knees, Legs Full, Legs Lower, Legs Upper, Manzilian, Navel (Happy Trail), Neck (Front or Back), Nostrils, Shoulders, Sideburns, Stomach Full, Toes, Underarms, Unibrow, Upper Lip, Upper Lip, Chin & Neck (Front), Package #1 (Underarm, Upper Lip, and Brazilian), Package #2 (Full Back and Chest (Men)), Package #3 (Brazilian and Full Leg)

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